It has been awhile since I’ve actually posted an entry. Time has seemed to have gotten away from me, and before I know it, it’s almost the end of September already. I tried out for a position at work and didn’t get it, but it’s alright, because everyone else always comes to me in the office to help them, so maybe next time I’ll get it.

I should also mention that I’ve lost about 40 pounds as well, and have a kitty now too! She’s a handful, but I love her! Dan isn’t too happy about her since I just brought her home without him knowing until he got home, but I think he’s getting used to the idea of having her around. I’ve always wanted another Siamese cat since I had Freddie, but they are so expensive to adopt (usually around 120-200 dollars). Ironically my mom found her on Craigslist, and the woman who had her couldn’t afford to feed her anymore. She was pretty upset that she was giving her up, but I’m glad that I found her and got her. Look at the pictures!

All comfy :) Awwww :)

Anyway, it’s getting kind of late, so I better head to bed! NIGHT!


Can I say that I hate customers? I honestly REALLY do. People who have never had to work in Customer Service are just plain assholes. That’s it, and nothing more. You can yell and you can bitch and do whatever you want and say whatever you want, and you are right. Even if you were to call me the c-word, or anything else, the customer is ALWAYS right.

I’m so sick and tired of customers calling in constantly upset and then getting instantly pissed by you because you do not have an answer at the moment and require some sort of research.

And what makes matters worse, internal employees. I’ve had some RUDE ASS employees call in, and it’s like, seriously? Do you talk to your fucking mother like that? Does it make you feel so damn good about yourself putting everyone else in a bad mood just because you’re a dick/bitch?

And I just LOVE it when people blow up your email/phone because all they do is sit by the damn phone and hit redial because they can’t wait an hour for an answer, despite servicing the entire country phone wise. I apologize; I didn’t realize that I was so free for the day. Want to place an order? Well, I can take it, but it will not get entered into the system simply because the next customer will have an emergency as well.

Idiots. You should never, ever, ever, work in customer service if you do not have too. Being in customer service is the worse choice you could possibly ever make. They honestly do not care, they look out for one person and that is them. They do not care if you take 50-60 calls a day, roughly about 15-20 minutes a call, doesn’t matter if you have emails or information you are trying to track down, doesn’t matter if you feel like you need a breather because of dipshits. Nope, you are right. Your time is more fucking valuable you fucking pig.

Some Great Things

There are some great things in works for both this website and my other websites. This site has been and will continue to be my blog rather than a twenty-something-in-one website.

Pretty Senshi will be a screen shot website of anime and some tv shows to be used in designs for personal use.

Until Morning will be for my story, titled Until Morning and possibily later on to house all of my writings.

Soul Echo will be a content domain with graphics and designs for wordpress.

Please keep an eye out for those, and don’t miss the new Hate Your Way design coming soon.

Royally Fed Up

I have been for quite some time with my job. Mostly because of the manager and the direction of the company is headed. Basically it’s not someplace I would want to be for much longer. Like how our performance reviews are usually based on the job that you are performing and how well you are performing it. In a couple months…that will not be the case. It will be based on how much product of the month you sell to customers. What’s the point? What is going to happen is that they are going to hire a bunch of people who never learn their job or perform like they should be but still get credited and get raises because they are selling Product of the Month. It completely defeats the purpose of it and I plan on not sticking around to see it happen.

Plus, I have been planning on leaving for some time anyways, mainly because of the amount of stress that job gives me. Plus they are wanting us to do three people worth of work with only one person. Currently our store is down about 3-4 people. We are missing a production coordinator, a retail/self-serve person, a lead project coordinator (which is what I am) and a signs and graphics specialist. So today is the last day of my vacation (had the past week off) which had been planned since way earlier this year and I must say I am absolutely dreading going back to work tomorrow. I’ve heard horror stories since I’ve been off that it’s pretty bad in the store.

I applied to three jobs before I went on vacation (the weekend before) and received a call from one of the jobs and went in for an interview Tuesday (the first day of my vacation). I thought it went really well so well, that after I left I knew they would offer me the position. Of course, I was correct. I was offered a position with them yesterday and they said I should be receiving a package in the mail with information about the position regarding my background check, drug test etc.

The second company that I applied for was Verizon, which I just received an email today from them regarding about wanting to set up an interview for the position I applied for in Noblesville. Needless to say, as I like the benefits for Verizon (because they start on day one). My benefits with the company that offered me the position would start September 1st and I would start on August 13th. I am pretty excited, its better pay and a better schedule when what I am working now.

I have pretty much have done nothing all week on my vacation, and its been nice. Dan has noticed a huge change since I haven’t been stressed out to the extreme.


I discovered that song while browsing youtube yesterday searching for vocal trance. <3 I would definitely recommend listening to it.

It’s done…

The new theme is finally done! Woo-hoo! Hopefully everything is working alright so far. It has been tested in Safari and Chrome so it should hopefully work for everyone else. Sorry if you use Internet Explorer; I am not sure if it looks alright. Where to even begin about what has been going on.

In case you didn’t read the previous entries, the house is done and Dan and I have been in here since April. We’ve had our moments so far but I like to think everything is working out just fine. The house still needs a lot of work done to it to make it the way we want but we’ll get there.

Work has been extremely nuts lately, I’ve been stressing out quite a bit about it especially Signs and Graphics because it seems like only certain people do anything in there; but I’ve come to the point where it doesn’t even matter anymore. I clock in, do my work and leave when I’m supposed too.

4th of July is in a week which means in SIX days, my vacation starts. I am really excited because I am hoping to be able to accomplish quite a bit on the house and maybe do some yard work as well. I am supposed to be having a cookout too which should be fun. My niece had an accident with her Tia (me) and ended up fracturing her Tibia. =( I feel like a horrible Aunt even though I know it was an accident. She has a bright pink cast on that she’ll have for about 4-5 more weeks.

Past my class last semester with an A in Logic, Design and Programming. Now I have been trying to get with my advisor to see what classes I need to take in the fall. Hopefully I’ll be taking 3 classes like I hope.

I totally got my xbox 360 hooked back up and I’m excited. Been playing it when I can…or when Dan hasn’t taken it over. *glares*

My mom called out someone in heating and cooling because the big furniture here in the new house wasn’t kicking out anymore. Come to find out there was a mouse in the A/C unit which luckily only cost 100 dollars to get fixed. =D I also have been on birth control for some time (Azurette) and have been having horrible side effects just in general with it (and other kinds). I believe this is my 5th of 6th kind. I think I cannot do well with hormones so therefore I am going to my doctor on Thursday to discuss other options that do not contain any kind of hormones, such as IUDs, which ironically are covered 100% by my insurance company. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that because these hormones are driving both Dan and I crazy!

Guess that will be it for now. Getting kind of tired.

People Need to Mind Their Own

What I hate more than anything is how people think they can offer some kind of input in my relationship with Dan. Which most definitely is not the case? What I want to hear is people being supportive of me; despite any misgivings they have, but when it comes from my own sister that just pisses me off.

Apparently my sister implied that I was a bad girlfriend because I had Dan cook one night and made him clean up (which he didn’t, I did). Also she bitched about the fact that we were always over there at her apartment.

Then several weeks before that incident, my Aunt had said something about how I always spent all my time with Dan and never did anything else. For those family members who may or may not have access to this blog:

First off, Dan and I rarely see each other apart from maybe 30-60 minutes a week. The only time I actually get to hang out with him, is when I’m over at my sisters and he comes over (once a week if that), or when he’s working at a specific site and I can go up and see him, but it’s never for long because he’s working.

Second, my sister is living RENT FREE in an apartment owned by my grandparents. Never mind the fact all that I’ve done for Dan that he’s even told me that him cooking dinner is the least he can do for me.

Everyone wants to be critical of my relationship; but in fact, instead of looking at mine and critiquing it, you should look at yours because there’s nothing wrong with mine.

It just aggravates me that people want to stick their noses in when it doesn’t concern them. I’m happy with Dan. Just because you aren’t in your relationship doesn’t mean you can try to ruin mine.

Get over yourself and grow up.

Since You’ve Been Gone…

Yes, I did just use a Kelly Clarkson song for my blog title.  A lot has happened in the past week days, and I mean a lot, first starting off with work. I had seen myself going up to an LPC (Lead Project Coordinator) position and that was basically as far as I was wanting to go with FedEx. There were a few problems though with me becoming an LPC at my store, probably because most of the positions posted were posted before I was eligible, which means I could technically apply, but I would not be able to move into the position until my six months were up. I mean…com’on, that’s a really, really really long time to wait for one position. Needless to say I have waited almost a year to be able to move up to that position, and with that being said, I have finally, achieved such said desire for the LPC. Starting October 17th, I will be a Lead Project Coordinator and be moving off of 3rd shift (thank god) and will be able to head back to 2nd shift.

Now before I go any further, I thought that 3rd shift would be the perfect position for me because I was a night owl. Nope…No…Completely wrong, I found out pretty freaking quickly that I was not a night owl. Granted, I stuck it out even after looking and interviewing for other jobs (and being offered a job with Apple). Which brings me back to my second shift position, I will basically be working 3-11 (which I’m usually used to working like 12-9:30, or something along those lines), which also means that I can go back to working out. FINALLY. After almost a year of wanting to head back into the gym to lose some weight, I can finally go back again. I usually work out straight after work then am up usually for a few hours before I head to bed.

Random tidbit… I am SO glad for the auto save feature in wordpress. Thank you.

Back to working out, I miss it, so much, I felt a lot better, had more energy, and I was, go, go, go. But I am glad everything is finally working out in my favor after my hell in Ohio. I can finally lose the weight again that I’ve been wanting to lose. Meep.  =]

Anyways, now onto my second important thing on this blog, and I should mention as I try to write this, my cat attempts such features as to lay on my laptop. Shoo kitty. Shoo. OH! My second important thing to talk about, Dan! I unfortunately cannot post anymore than this due to issues that could possibly arise; however, as soon as something is “official” then I will write to my hearts content!

I also went to Riley Festival (it will forever be known as, Riley Days, to me), and it was freaking fun, I had such a blast, but part of it was the company I was with, needless to say, walked around Riley Days for awhile, then eventually went to iHop and ate, then went back to Rachel’s house and played Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64, played Nazi Zombies, and eventually ended the night with a movie, From Paris with Love, featuring John Travolta, and Jonathan Rhys-Myers, which was an ok movie, nothing steller by any means.

I am exhausted, and really, really, really want to talk about a certain person, but I can’t and it makes me angry. Damn you Google for showing my site on the 6st page underneath my name. Damn you Google for showing my website name on the 1st page! *shakes fist*

Also, when did CSS3 become so popular and where the hell was I? Geeeez, I perfected quite a bit of html/divs/photoshop and now I must learn how to master CSS3 because it does what I want in photoshop without all those freaking images. I am also working on a fansite for Andy Whitfield (that was approved by the, and it will be my first website created in entirely in divs and css3. Boo-yah. Still trying to grasp the concept, and I know I’ll get there eventually. Caio!

Some good news?

So, I found my very first “real” site that I did while searching in google (using my name of course), and I stumpled upon it. I’m excited, and trying to get access to my account on angelfires, and will be posting examples on how my graphic skins and coding skills have advanced.

Finally saw Dan last night, and I will admit, at first I was a little scared, especially since it was the first day since I asked him if he had a girlfriend. However, apparently there was a mix-up, and he thought I was asking for Molly (the Assistant Manager), which was most definitely not true. Which of course this “problem” was clarified last night when I talked to him a little bit.

It was some interesting conversation last night/this morning, mostly about American porn VS Japanese porn, and why some Japanese porn is censored and how it relates to World War II. I didn’t know there was a connection, but his co-worker assured us that the American government said that to Japan. Which is weird that I’ve never heard anything like that, but then again, look at the subject. When I think WWII, I think the Holocaust, or Stalin. I mostly think of Stalin first before I think of Hitler or Hiroshima. Just to point this out so that I do not offend anyone, everything stated in this blog is my opinion, nor do I condone the actions of WWII on anyone’s part.

Anyway, back to talking about Dan, I mentioned something again about the casino, and if he wanted to go sometime just as “friends”, which is where the misunderstanding came into play. He kept exchanging looks with his co-worker, and finally I was like, “What am I missing?”. Which Dan then told me he’d only tell me if his co-worker went out to the truck (which he did, after I shooed him away), which then he clarified that he thought I was asking for Molly, and he said he now sees that it was for me. Which of course I confirmed, and he said he would love to take me up on his offer for the casino one day =D

Then I mentioned on how I was wanting to get a 2nd shift poisiton at work, and that I would be working 3-11 (which they rarely come in before 12:30 in the morning), and mentioned that I would never get to see them. Dan looked at me and was like, “Well, we’ll just have to come in earlier then.” So I’m really surprised at the turn of events, it seems like now he understands what’s going on, which is fantastic for me, maybe it’ll give me more of a shot.

Right after his co-worker went out to the truck, Dan told me that he’s not used to girls having an interest in him. Hopefully he’ll rethink his current situation (from what I understand he’s having problems with his current girlfriend, which is a complete assumption mind you, but an educated guess…what that an oxymoron?) and once he goes out to the casino with me (as friends  ;)) then he’ll see me for me. =D

Let’s all hope! By the way, I should totally be sleeping for the pure fact it is currently 4:38pm, and I work 3rd shift (and have to work tonight from 11 to 6:15). So yeah, I’m going to leave you guys be and head on out to bed.

Since Yesterday…

It’s like my entire day turned around in less than 24 hours! So I asked the guy (from the previous entry) if he had a girlfriend, and he made it very, VERY, clear to me that yes, he does, but he was going to break up with her (and should have done it months ago). Which now he also knows that I am interested in him (obviously), and I really think he’s interested in me. =]. Things are starting to finally look up, and I’m in the process of creating a design for hateyourway, and hopefully that will be up soon.

Good day to you sir/madam. =]

Never Realized

How depressing my life is. After reflecting for only about 20 minutes, I realized something, I really have no friends, no social life, no boyfriend. All I do is live and breathe my work, dog, and sleep. So with that being said, I never go out on the weekends which leads back to how can I have a social life is A) no one wants to go out with me, B) if I don’t go out, how can I meet someone and C) I’m just plain boring.

Now with all that stated, I think tomorrow night or the night afterwards (hopefully tomorrow night) I’ll take a risk and throw myself out there. Specifically to a guy that I like, that comes into work quite a bit shipping stuff for his work. I have no idea if he has a girlfriend (we are friends on facebook), so there’s no status stating that, no cutsy comments from him to a girl, but there are comments (back at the beginning of September from a girl though). Which leads me to think that they are on the rocks (and he’s thinking about breaking up with her) or he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Just like Friday, he came in with a damaged box and had to go back to work and repack it, then he came back to drop it off, and when he did, he ended staying here for almost two hours talking to me. He’s gotta have some sort of interest in me, right? This is the problem, I’m not very good with guys at all, and I’m not the most attractive (body wise).

I have low self-esteem and hate everything that goes through my mind debating whether or not he has a girlfriend and trying to place all these clues together, but instead of wondering, I will just ask him, and like normal get disappointed.

I am dead to the world of love, even though I like him, and think that we have quite a bit in common, I’m not giddy, or super-excited like I used to get over guys, now it’s kind of just like, oh yeah…if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, woo! If he does, then oh well, continue being friends with him.

Life certainly sucks sometimes. I only have one friend that I really talk to other than people at work, how sad is that? But at the same time I put myself in that position. My social life includes the following: xbox with some people online that I’ve never met in person, netflix (watching movies), sleeping, or designing on the computer.

I am starting back to college in January and am looking forward to it, maybe I’ll meet some cool people there, and maybe I’ll just keep to myself like I normally do. =[