It has been awhile since I’ve actually posted an entry. Time has seemed to have gotten away from me, and before I know it, it’s almost the end of September already. I tried out for a position at work and didn’t get it, but it’s alright, because everyone else always comes to me in the office to help them, so maybe next time I’ll get it.

I should also mention that I’ve lost about 40 pounds as well, and have a kitty now too! She’s a handful, but I love her! Dan isn’t too happy about her since I just brought her home without him knowing until he got home, but I think he’s getting used to the idea of having her around. I’ve always wanted another Siamese cat since I had Freddie, but they are so expensive to adopt (usually around 120-200 dollars). Ironically my mom found her on Craigslist, and the woman who had her couldn’t afford to feed her anymore. She was pretty upset that she was giving her up, but I’m glad that I found her and got her. Look at the pictures!

All comfy :) Awwww :)

Anyway, it’s getting kind of late, so I better head to bed! NIGHT!

Birth Control and Side Effects

I have been on many different birth controls (mostly hormonal) and have always had negative effects with them and am still looking for that one that works with me best.

Want me to prove it? I have been on:
Jolivette (same as Errin)
Copper IUD

And with each one of these, I have some sort of different level of side effects, some of them ranging from mild, some ranging from completely severe. The top side effects that I can’t and will not stand for: Fatigue, the dreaded fatigue where you can’t even function that requires the doctor to give you Ritalin or adder all to counteract the effects. No sex drive! What is the point of birth control if you do not want to have sex? The mood swings, because no one likes to go all “Norman Bates” on everyone every single waking second of every day. And finally the last side effect: weight gain. During the transition from the combination pill to the IUD, I gained 20 pounds.

Let you tell you exactly how long the transition was: 3 days. I gained 20 pounds in 3 days. I couldn’t use the rest room, I would eat and eat, and eat. I probably could have eaten an elephant and no one would know, except I would have gained about 600 pounds in the process.

My body is one of “those” super-sensitive bodies, that doesn’t like anything foreign in it and when it finds something it’ll make you sicker than a dog. Whenever I switch from birth controls, the first 2-3 weeks are the worst, I am SICK, for about 3-4 hours afterwards, I can’t sleep, eat, drink else I’ll get sick.

My body actually tried expelling the IUD after I started having SEVERE pain, which my doctor, and the OBGYN deemed “normal” and that I hadn’t given it enough time yet. I had gone in on a Friday, and Monday morning, I was blowing up their phone’s complaining that something was wrong.

Finally after seeing my normal doctor and having an x-ray done, they stated the IUD was in the correct location. I didn’t believe the and thought there was something still wrong, so I kept calling the OBGYN until they finally got me in to do a ultrasound. And about 20 minutes of TRUE pain that I have NEVER experienced before, sure enough, they confirmed that I had been complaining about and what the other doctors had not told me. My IUD was FORCING itself out of my body and needed to be removed.

Then came the real problems, they gave me micronor (a progestin-only birth control) because I am hypersentivie to estrogen/combination birth controls. The first couple months were great, then slowly my health started declining, I went up to 200 pounds in my weight; bring my weight gain to a total of 25 pounds.

I have since lost that 25 pounds, bringing my weight back down to 173, but it’s extremely hard, when the birth control is making my body working against me. I have a list from my insurance company, Cigna, of generics that is covered 100% by them under the Home Pharmacy option that I am actually going through websites and putting together a comprehensive list of information regarding them.

I honestly think it’s about time I was actually informed about my choices instead of just switching to whatever the doctor thought was best. When I am done, I will be sure to share that list with the world, so that you may take that information that I have collected and the research that I have put together and put it to good use.

Weight Loss?

Weight has always been a big issue for me, and the great thing was that I knew from experience I could easily lose it and keep it off; until I started birth control though.

In late 08/early 09 I had gone to the doctors because I had kept pulling the same muscle in my back and I couldn’t figure out why. Fortunately…the doctor told me it was because of my weight and that I needed to lose it.

I was determined; you never really face the reality of it until someone in the medical field tells you that it is starting to affect your life.

Current Weight at this point: 211 lbs.

Within 5-6 months, I went down to 166 and felt great! I had joined a gym; I was going 6-7 days a week. I never felt better, or looked back. I’m not quite sure why I stopped going to the gym, but I did. I was able to maintain 175 for about three years before I started taking birth control. I have always had horrible side effects with the added hormones in my system, which leads to my eventual weight gain of 185. I continued on to maintain 185 for the next 2 years (and had stopped taking birth control at this point).

I eventually got into a relationship with my boyfriend and decided to go back on birth control. I had horrible side effects with estrogen as it made me psycho and want to eat everything in my path! BC makes me so damn hungry that even my best efforts can’t break it!

Mind you. I know how to lose weight. I’ve done it before, time and time again and have been success at maintaining it for the most part. So I decided for a long term solution which was to get an IUD placed.

I have the IUD for exactly 3 and a 1/2 days and I gained 11 pounds in that time. Needless to say, my body did not like it and was trying to force it out (painful, very painful), so I got it taken out (after fighting with two doctors offices and getting x-rays) and was given the mini-pill.

This is a godsend, simply because I don’t feel like snapping every five seconds at everyone and it’s nice. *sigh*. Now, BC for me slows my metabolism waaaaay down to the point for about 6 weeks, I did weight watchers (hardcore) and started working out again, plus I stopped eating out, drinking pop, yada, yada, yada. Basically I made better choices in what I was eating and drinking. The weight will not come off.

Now after the IUD my weight is back up to 198 pounds. This is alright. Really it is.

Who am I kidding? It’s not alright. This damn fat needs to go and it will! I went to the doctors who were able to get me a diet pill (Phentermine 37.5mg) which curbs your appetite and also gives you a burst of energy so that you can work out longer.

I feel good, even though I think I will be taking half pills instead, but I feel like this is really possible now. I’m amped up, ready to hit the gym hardcore and finally lose some weight.

This time…I vow that once I hit or get close to my goal weight (140) that I will never EVER EVER let myself get past 150. It will force me to keep myself accountable and monitoring everything I eat.

They weren’t kidding when they say it’s a lifestyle, because it is. While I love the fact that I’m not hungry all the flipping’ time on the diet pill, that’s only half the battle.

Starting Weight in 08: 211
Lowest Weight in 09: 172
Current Weight: 198
Goal: 140.

Every week you will see a blog documenting my weight loss and my results so far. And please understand diet pills are serious and should only be prescribed by a doctor to someone who is seriously overnight/obese and should not be used by someone wanting to lose 5-10 lbs. They are extremely addicting and should NOT be taken long term. They are merely a tool to help you get started.

Until next time 🙂