How much stress is too much and how much before I break? Is it possible for someone to be able to maintain this stress level for long without issues with their health? It’s already affecting mine by raising my blood pressure dangerously high…I mean how can I live with a $22,000.00 medical bill that I am still trying to get paid after 2 years, an anesthesiologist billing office who are rude as hell and believe that calling on your bill after 2 months is not acceptable, a brand new car that is having issues with the dealership saying nothing is wrong (which there is), then having to worry about my breast reduction surgery in May and whether it’ll get paid or not. Then having to worry about whether I’ll have enough vacation time to make it the 2 weeks and the recovery.

I’m all over the place and I’m about to reach the breaking point….Have a doctor’s appointment today to see about fast acting and long term anti-anxiety medication. Something must give and it’s going to be me. I can’t deal with the headaches, chest tightness, clenching my jaw, trouble breathing, my heart rate not going below 90, my blood pressure getting dangerous high, feeling hot, getting more frequent heart palpitations….

Enough is enough.

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