It Feels Like

It feels like ages since I’ve been on here to actually write something worthwhile and it of course has been. A lot of things are happening lately, especially money wise. It’s been tough financially this past month and it’ll probably get a lot harder before it gets better.

I’m really glad now that I got this new job with the pay raise; otherwise I don’t know what Dan and I would have done. Needless to say…it started with my car. My poor car has seen enough and I started having problems with the transmission (originally it was thought to be a wheel bearing from the noise it was making) and I stopped driving it in August.

There was mostly definitely something wrong with my transmission; the bearing in the most inner case was shredded. Luckily, however, we didn’t damage anything by continuing to drive it; otherwise it would have cost a lot more than it did. $1,300 later…. It’s in the process of being fixed and should be fixed tomorrow (hopefully).

The second thing was that Dan and I broke down and bought a new bed…we had no choice in this matter; we simply needed it at this point. We were sleeping on a futon and it was so broken down neither one of us was getting any sleep. We couldn’t function and we were constantly jumping down each other’s throats because we were tired.

The new bed is a lot nicer, but it’s added $1,300 with the total now up to: $2,600. And it doesn’t even stop there. I just got the gas turned on so we would have heat before it got extremely cold, and that was $150 deposit :(. Then the discovery that one of our furnaces stopped working :mad:. Knowing that we had to fix the furnace there was really no alternative than to pay to have someone come out and take a look at it. $340 dollars later….our furnace is hopefully fixed. I haven’t been home yet to see if it’s working. They had to buy a new circuit board for it because the original one had a several shorts, AND we had missed the warranty by a few months. If only we had known, it would have been free. But isn’t that how it normally is?

Now the grand total so far is: $3,090 in the past month that we have shelled out in loans and cash. Not to mention on top of our normal bills. Isn’t it funny how I thought I was getting back on track money wise; paying some of my old bills and paying my cards down, and shit like this happens? In this world; you always get screwed.

But we’ll make it. We always do, we’ll have to budget. I know the bed is due next week (the first payment), and I’m not entirely sure how I plan on paying my phone bill because my parents are still expecting rent as well so I think I’ll pay half of my phone bill next week, the bed payment, and half of the rent money which will take about $300 of my paycheck.

Once I get that taken care of, then I’ll pay the water softner, my car repair bill, the other half of my phone and the other half of rent. Then the following week I will pay on my laptop, take half of rent out, pay part of my phone and just dish as much money out as possible that will pay the bills.

It sucks but we’ll get through it…eventually.

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