It has been forever since I last blogged. I’m thinking about buying a domain again, probably under the same, soul-echo.com. What do you guys think? Surpass is having a special starting the 14th on hosting, so I was going to do that, and then just buy the domain name. Of course, it won’t be able to for awhile, and I’ll continue to use this one until the other one is fully complete or at least the majority of it is.

Moving on to real life….I’m 21, and it was probably one of the worst birthday’s ever. Nothing turned out as planned, and I learned something from one of my friends ON my birthday that makes me lose my trust for another friend. And what’s sad is that I know it’s probably true, and that’s what hurts. Half the people who were suppose to come to my under 21 party never showed or backed out, and the next night was suppose to be my 21 and over party, but that bombed. Everyone, including me was sick the entire-fucking-weekend.

What’s worse is that we had the snow-freaking-storm on the 28th, and Kentucky was hit the hardest with snow and ice. David was suppose to come up on the 1st, but he never made it, and it just seems I’m being let down or maybe my standards are set too high. I understand because of the weather and such, but I really hate his job, I mean really hate it. Some part of me on a conscious level understands that he warned me about his job and I knew this would happen, but I just hate it.

I wanna be held, wanna be kissed, wanna be romanced, and all by him. But I don’t know what to do, I hardly ever hear from him, maybe one a week if I’m lucky, and it hadn’t always been like it. I don’t know what to do, if I should just wait and see what happens, or what, but I know I can’t wait forever. And I know if I let him go and move on, that’ll I’ll forever regret that decision. I just don’t know….

I also have a brand new tv, it’s pretty nice, it’s a 46? Sony HD LCD. Simply amazing it is <3. School is overwhelming right now because it seems like my Creative Writing class is completely 24/7 no matter what and it requires constance internet time. Literally you have to check your email everyday and it's exhausting because there are so many assignments and they are so huge. I'm just hoping that I'll do all right, and I'm not really worried about my other class because I know I'm doing all right in there.

I’m still waiting for FedEx to hurry up and upgrade CS3 to CS4 so that I may buy the adobe suite from them for $10. Yes, 10! Includes InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and some other programs. It’s just taking them forever considering how long CS4 has been out. I’m still old-school and still have CS2, but I’ll happily upgrade for 10 freaking bucks! =]

I started playing World of Warcraft, and haven’t caught on to what the big draw of the game is yet, but maybe because I’m not that far into it, maybe like a couple of Quests and such, I’m currently looking for the damn Moss. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, oh well, lol, I guess I’ll have to find a guide on Google! Anyways, I’m out.

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