Obviously I’ve been fairly busy these last couple weeks, with EVERYTHING. Looking for a new job, meeting an AMAZING guy, who’s just incredible beyond belief, beyond words!

Basically here’s what’s been going on this year (in a nutshell), July, my parents and I got into this huge argument, and I moved out. August, my mom had a stroke and I went on an LOA (Leave of Absence) and stayed at the hospital with her. September, I broke up with Patrick, which ended horribly if you could imagine. November, we find out something is wrong with my dad’s heart, and we’re not exactly sure what it is.

I joined eHarmony in September, and met one guy, who was a total loser. I never thought I’d ever actually meet someone that I really liked. Until David of course. He responded back to my guided communication, and then sent a reply for open communication. About a week past, and we pretty much stopped talking online altogether, until he called/texted me.

We have so much in common, it’s unreal, the only thing I’ve found that we stand different on, is politics, and the infamous Ford vs Chevy feud, other than that, most of our views are the same. He’s very intelligent, and very down-to-earth. He’s an ex-Marine, and works at a really good job (and he’s a college graduate). Seriously, he’s amazing! <3

We met in person a couple weeks ago, and the time seem to just fly by, we just talked, and talked for hours on end. He told his parents about me and they want to meet me, so obviously something went right. We always joke around, and he hates stereotypes. He said he’s been called a jock, prep, self-centered bastard, but he hardly seems like any of those. And he honestly believes the most important things in life, are memories, family, and love.

I also found a new job, so I can get the hell out of WAL*MART! Woot Woot! It’s with Fedex Office (formerly Fedex Kinko’s), and I’m super excited. The only downside is ironically, David works for UPS, so we’re working for our competitors . Life has been swell, and I’m seriously glad because the way the last few months have been, it’s about damn time. I sent David a couple texts’ and told him I would love to be in a relationship, and he said if I wanted to try the long distance relationship thing, we can (he lives in Kentucky and I live in Indiana).

I’m totally up for it, because honestly, he’s a very unique guy to say the least, and I would probably hate myself if I let him go, and I couldn’t do that especially with the severity of my depression all these years. It would be complete stupidity on my part.

I think….I think I might be falling for him. Hard and fast. On my myspace, I have this posted:

Someone who realizes what they have is already good.
Someone who I can talk to everyday and ALWAYS have something to talk about.
Someone who makes me feel good and know’s the exact words to say at the right moment.
Someone who gives me butterflies, makes me laugh and cares.
And a real man.

And as soon as I read it, I think of David. He know’s what he already has, and he loves it. We always have something to talk about, whether it be reindeer (lol) or about our lives, it never fails. He calls me beautiful, even if I don’t and probably don’t feel/look like it, and he can make me laugh. He gives me butterflies, every time I get a text, I check and I honestly hope every time it’s from him.

If it works out, and it ever came to be us getting engaged or married or anything, I would honestly say I’d probably move down with him (to Kentucky). He’s got so much going for him, it would be completely selfish of me to ask him to move, when he has a very good job because he wouldn’t honestly be able to find a job like the one he has. I don’t know, we’ll just have to see.

He wrote a blog on his myspace saying something that I don’t even understand, but I asked him about it, and he said it meant he was afraid to trust, but he wanted too. And that right there makes me like him even more because it takes a lot especially for a guy to say he’s afraid to trust. And I completely understand, because he’s been married (he’s only 23), and the way he was describing his ex-wife, she was basically a gold digger, and he even said he usually doesn’t have the greatest picks in women.

Oh, and I finally bought a new digital camera, since dipshit (Patrick) broke my last one. It’s a Canon PowerShot SD1100IS, and it’s amazing <3! I love it! I took some pictures, and I'll post them! Flickr <–Click for pictures!

I can’t wait till Circle Centre this weekend, but I’m sad that David is unable to go (because of his job). Boo. =[ Anyways, take care!

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